About YP Network

The AGBU Young Professionals (YP) is a growing network of groups and supporters around the world who preserve and promote the Armenian identity and heritage for young Armenians between the ages of 22 to 40. Diverse yet unified, the AGBU Young Professionals is the largest, global network of its kind bringing young Armenians together from all walks of life to serve the greater good.

Making a difference for twenty years, the AGBU YP movement began in 1995 with the first group in Los Angeles. Since then, the network has expanded to include groups in Northern California, Greater New York, Orange County, Lebanon, Philadelphia, Paris, Plovdiv, Sofia, Tehran, Boston, Toronto, London, Yerevan, Austria, Brazil, Washington, D.C., Buenos Aires, Montréal, Hamburg, Marseille, Chicago, Athens, Lyon Rhône-Alpes, Geneva, Belgium, and Amsterdam, with partnerships with organizations SIVAM in Moscow, HAIK in Frankfurt, and UTI in Istanbul.

Inspiring young professionals to get involved and stay involved, the YP Network has earned an international reputation for fostering a sense of community and belonging thanks to its open-door policy. Civic-minded and benevolent, AGBU YP Groups and Partners devote their time, expertise, and leadership to make Armenian communities thriving, better places to live by:

  • Engaging thousands worldwide through educational, cultural, and social events and activities;
  • Investing in Armenia, Nagorno Karabakh, and locally by fundraising for worthwhile initiatives; and
  • Harnessing their collective power through cooperation and collaboration on regional and global projects.

An integral part of the AGBU family, the YP Network also works closely with AGBU Districts, Chapters, and Schools on joint initiatives, and participates in signature AGBU and YP events, such as FOCUS, the General Assembly, the San Francisco Winter Gala, and the World Games.

For more information on the YP Network, please visit www.agbu.org/yp.